Paint that is made from water soluble synthetic resin, it is named for a fluid that comes from rubber latex plants. Source: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques"<br><br>A dispersion in water of a solid polymeric material.<br><br>A rubbery substance used as binder in latex paints, as a cold cure molding compound, and also as the basis of certain adhesives. Although still used, latex has largely been replaced in many applications by silicon compounds and polyurethane plastics.Examples:Tim Hawkinson (American, 1960-), Balloon Self-Portrait, 2004?, inflatable latex sculpture, life size, cast from the artist&#39;s body, turned inside out, then inflated by an air compressor, Ace Gallery, NYC. See self-portrait.Cesar Martinez (Mexican, Mexico City, 1962-), Aqui estoy, 2001, inflatable latex sculpture, life size.Also see gelatin.