Lambeth school of art


Founded in London in 1854 by William Gregory, it was first a night school associated with St. Mary the Less Church on Black Prince Road. Nearby had been the potter's studio of Henry Doulton, and he became an early supporter of the school and also employed some of its graduates for his business, Royal Doulton. In 1860, the school moved to Millers Lane, now called St. Oswald;s Place, at Vauxhall Gardens. In 1879, it became part of the City and Guilds of London Institute with the the South London School of Technical Art. In 1938, the name changed to City and Guilds of London Art School. Students include Arthur Rackham, Elmer Wachtel, Gordon Hope Grant, John Massey Rhind, and Henry Poole. Sources: Wikipedia/Lambeth School of Art; AskART biographies.