Kiowa five


A term referring to Native American artists of Oklahoma, who gained international reputation when they exhibited with an expanded group of 31 Indian artists at the 1928 Expo in Prague, Poland. Original members of the group were Spencer Asah, Jack Hokeah, Steven Mopope, Monroe Tsatoke and Lois Smoky. Sponsors were Susie Peters, a teacher in Anardko, Oklahoma at the Kiowa agency, and Oscar Brousse Jacobson, Director of the Art Department at the University of Oklahoma. In 1926, he arranged for the "Five Kiowas" to have studio space, materials, and instruction at the University. Other Indian artists followed into the program, and the expanded group included Native Americans from across the United States. During the Depression of the 1930s, Jacobson supported them and got them many commissions as muralists. Source:Peter Falk, "Who Was Who in American Art"