Kinetic art


An Art method, usually sculpture, that incorporates movement as part of its expression ??? either mechanically, by hand, or by natural forces. Not limited to any style, Kinetic Art was first recognized in 1913 as an art form with the Dada artist, Marcel Duchamp, who placed a spinning bicycle wheel on a stool and called it sculpture. Other 20th-century names associated with it are Alexander Calder, Yaacov Agam and George Rickey. In 1955 an exhibition, ???Le Mouvement,??? in Paris put kinetic art on the map by showcasing motion-conscious work of Duchamp, Calder, Jean Tinguely, and Victor Vasarely. Today, the method includes work with lasers, computers and other high-tech methods. Source: Robert Atkins, "Art Speak"; Robert Breer AskART biography