The state or position of being placed close together or side by side, so as to permit comparison or contrast.Examples: Robert Minor (American, 1884-1952), Pittsburgh, 1916, lithographic crayon and India ink, published in The Masses, no. 8, August 1916. Robert Minor produced this drawing as an editorial cartoon, commenting on a 1916 steel workers' strike. He emphasized the thrust of the soldier's bayonet by drawing its direction as the counterpoint to that of the worker's body. The grace of this juxtaposition results in our feeling all the more shock at the sight of the pointed blade. Minor drew inspiration for this approach from such European masters as Francisco Goya and Honor? Daumier, coming to produce such spare, forceful drawings as this. See movement, Realism, Romanticism, and social realism.See absurd, align and alignment, analysis, arrangement, butt, coherence and incoherence, concatenation, counterpoint, description, emphasis, focal point, fold, frisson, gestalt, harmony, ikebana, incongruity, irony, music, order, rhythm, and sequence.