An iridescent surface displays a lustrous rainbowlike brightness, such as seen on see thumbnail to rightoil slicks. This effect is sometimes produced by some glass, glaze, seashells (mother-of-pearl), and textile surfaces.Iridescence can also be seen in changeable colors within a range of hues, as in the feathers of some birds and the wings of some see thumbnail to leftbutterflies.Opalescence includes iridescence, but upon a base of whiteness.Examples of works incorporating iridescence:Juan Baptiste Cuiris (Mexico, Michoac?n, P?tzcuaro), Feather Picture of the Virgin Mary, c. 1550/80, hummingbird and parrot feathers on paper, wood; signed, 25.4 x 24.3 cm, Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna. See luminosity and Mexican art. Vilmos Zsolnay (Hungarian, 1828-1900), Vase, 1899, earthenware with iridescent metallic luster glaze, Minneapolis Institute of Arts. See Art Nouveau.Also see day-glo colors, fluorescence, glitter, and ultraviolet.a close-up photo of an eyeiris

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