Ink - ink drawing


Colored fluid of several types used for pen and brush drawings, writing and printing. Types of inks include: 1)Writing Ink from tannic and gallic acids and added dye that create a strong, black stain on paper. This ink remains legible for centuries if kept away from direct light. However, it does fade and changes color, so is not sufficient for drawing; 2) Drawing Ink, often called India Ink in the U.S., and popular among commercial artists because the image is sharp, reproduces well and is long-lasting. It consists of carbon pigments such as lampblack in a water binder of shellac or borax and has added preservative. When dry, it is water-resistant so it can be combined with water-soluble mediums. However, Drawing Ink can be thinned with water before use. 3) Printmaking Ink, which has thick paste, oil-paint consistency and is bound in a drying oil. It is usually applied to a printing surface with rollers so it covers evenly and thinly. Source: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques"; Kimberley Reynolds & Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms" (LPD)