Cutting into a surface, typically in metal, stone, or pottery, often used for lettering and decoration. An example is a Tablet which has an incised glyphic inscription, Mexico: state of Guerrero, Ahuelican, Highland Olmec, Middle Formative period, 900-500 BCE, greenstone, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 3/4 inches, Dallas Museum of Art.(pr. in-SI:-zəng)Other examples: English (Barlow, Derbyshire), Memorial to Robert and Margaret Barley, 1467, incised brass plaque, represented by a rubbing (frottage). Robert Barley is wearing the Yorkist collar of suns and roses is shown, attesting the deceased's connections with the Yorkist royal line. See costume and memorial.Peter McLennan (English, contemporary), Plaque marking the site in 1994 of the ordaining of the first women as priests in England, Bristol Cathedral, incised and carved relief. Peter McLennan is a letter cutter and sculptor, who works in wood, slate, and stone. See commemorate and monument.Also see encaustic, engraving, ostracon, text, and wood.