(1) Referring to an ink color, one impression equals one press sheet passing once through a printing unit. (2) Referring to speed of a press, one impression equals one press sheet passing once through the press.<br><br>In general, an effect, a feeling, an image, a percept, or a (usually vague) memory. In printmaking, a single print made from a block, plate, or stone; or the act of impressing ? the contact between the printing surface and the surface on which the print is made. Sometimes refers more loosely to a mark left on a surface by pressing something against it, or to a single or initial coat of color.Example:El Greco, born Domenikos Theotocopoulos (Spanish, born Greece, 1541-1614), St. Veronica, 1576-79, oil on canvas, 84 x 91 cm, Museum of Santa Cruz, Toledo, Spain. Veronica wiped Christ&#39;s face as he carried the cross to his crucifixion. Miraculously, an impression of his face remained on the towel. See Mannerism.Also see attention, consciousness, context, d?j? vu, gestalt, mpressionism, knowledge, memory, optical, optical illusion, optical mixing, perception, seeing, and subliminal message or subliminal advertising.