A picture, idea, or impression of a person, thing, or idea; or a mental picture of a person, thing, or idea. The word imagery refers to a group or body of related images.Quote: "The soul never thinks without a mental picture." Aristotle (384-322 BCE), Greek philosopher. S.H. Butcher, Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art. "The air as soon as it is light, is filled with innumerable images to which the eye serves as a magnet." Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Florentine Renaissance painter, designer, engineer, inventor, etc., Treatise on Painting, 1651. Links to huge collections of images: Google Advanced Image Search and Alta Vista are the best search engines for finding images scattered across sites all over the Internet. Architecture Slide Library at U of California, Berkeley. has material about more than 7,000 artists. Search by name, genre, country or movement. ArtServe, also known as Rubens is a database of art & architectural images mainly from the Mediterranean Basin. Its server now contains more than 150,000 images ? about 63 gigabytes. It comes from the Australian National University. Collage is an image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London. By the Corporation of London and iBase Image Systems. is Bill Gates's collection of millions of images for sale online. History of Art Virtual Library is produced by Birkbeck College at the University of London. Visit its page on large databases of art online. SILS is a database of art, architectural, and museum object images. The images included in the database come from several collections, including those of the U of Michigan Museum of Art and the Kelsey Museum of Archeology. Comstock Images specializes in commercial stock imagery, especially model released "lifestyle" and "business" imagery. Related resources: The Image Buyers Guide is a site offering evaluations of several sources of slides and digital images for teachers of art ? including Saskia, Hartill, Universal, and Davis. Also see copyright, icon, iconocentrism, iconogenetics, iconography, iconology, iconomania, mirror, new media, photography, picture, pixel shim, positive, reproduction, slide, and weight.