The branch of knowledge which deals with the subject of icons (or images); also the subject matter of this study, icons collectively, or as objects of investigation. Or, symbolical representation; symbolism.(pr. I:-kə-NAH-lə-jee)Semiotics includes studies of iconology, as well as studies of iconography and typology.Other formations include iconological and iconologist.Related link: Iconclass is a subject-specific classification system of definitions of objects, persons, events and abstract ideas that can be the subject of an image. It is designed for iconographic research and the documentation of images and is used by art historians, researchers and curators to describe, classify and examine various graphic media. Published by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Iconclass is a hierarchical taxonomy of 28,000 terms and their definitions in several languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Norwegian. Download it here. Also see aniconic, communication, cryptic, expression, graphic design, iconocentrism, iconomachy, meaning, memory, mind, and nuance.