See Value/Hue<br><br>The perceived color of an object, identified by a common name such as red, orange, blue.<br><br>The color of a pigment or object. Not relating to tone or value.<br><br>A specific color such as yellow or green.<br><br> Referring to the actual color of a form or object, e.g., a red car.<br><br>The name of any color as found in its pure state in the spectrum or rainbow, or that aspect of any color. May refer to a particular wavelength. Pigment colors combine differently than colors of light. The primary colors (in pigment: red, yellow, and blue; in light: red, green, and blue) together with the secondary colors (in pigment: orange, green, and violet; in light: cyan, magenta, and yellow) form the chief colors of the spectrum.Also see brilliant, color wheel, complementary colors, cool colors, dark, deep, monochrome, pale, push and pull, saturation, tint, tone, value, and warm colors.