Horizon line


A level line where water or land seems to end and the sky begins. Vanishing points are usually located on this line. The image behind this text features a horizon line separating sky from sea ? which, as you look lower, morphs into sky again, etc. (Notice too, the way rows of waves are depicted as receeding toward vanishing points.)Quote: "By drawing a line behind your object, you create a reference line for the ground in your picture. Everything you draw below that line will appear to be sitting on the ground. Everything you draw above that line will appear to be floating or flying in space." Mark Kistler, American TV artist / instructor. "The Twelve Renaissance Words of Drawing in 3-D," 1997. Other resources concerned with horizon line: "Chalkboard" on linear perspective, and other drawing skills. You'll find excellent graphics and text explanations on each of its pages, including: Introduction and some hints about using linear perspective, and Exteriors (one point); horizon lines and vanishing points. Chalkboard is produced by Ralph Larmann, on the art faculty member at the University of Evansville, IN.