Special acknowledgment or respect shown or expressed publicly to persons whose influence an artist wishes to honor.(pr. HAHM-'əj)An example of a work done in homage to another artist: Larry Rivers (American, 1923-2002), Dutch Masters I, 1963, oil on canvas, Cheekwood Art Museum, Nashville.A quotation apropos homage: "Mr. Rauschenberg, talking apropos of doing what other people have already done, recalls an idea he once had for an exhibition of paintings imitating different Abstract Expressionists. 'Imagine the luxury, the excessive energy and the iridescent glory of doing a Rothko,' he says. 'Of course, it would have been blaspheming, but you think what it would be like to throw yourself into that incredible mood? Then out of respect I decided I wouldn't paint like Rothko or Franz Kline because I'd be in their way and they in mine. That was also John Cage's attitude. John always said, there's enough room in the world so that nobody has to be that close to another person." Robert Rauschenburg (1925-), American artist, in an article by Michael Kimmelman, New York Times, Arts & Leisure section 2, August 27, 2000, p. 26. See Abstract Expressionism.