Group of twelve-seattle


The Group of Twelve was an association of twelve artists who were all interested in modern art in Seattle. They banded together around 1935 and had a catalogue of their work published in 1937 by Dogwood Press ("Some Work of the Group of Twelve") The name probably derived from the nearby Canadian Group of Seven, modernist Canadian painters who also showed in Seattle. The Group of Twelve was short-lived, probably less than five years. They were informal and exhibited locally as a group, but some exhibited nationally and internationally as individuals.The members were: Kenneth Callahan, Margaret Gove Camfferman, Peter M. Camfferman, Elizabeth A. Cooper, Earl T. Fields, Takuichi Fujii, Morris Graves, Walter F. Isaacs, Kenjiro Nomura, Ambrose Patterson, Viola Patterson, Kamekichi Tokita. Source: David Martin, Owner, Martin-Zambito Fine Art, Seattle, WA