Of several meanings, it is the surface to which paint is applied as well as a coating material used in preparation of the surface to receive paint. For canvas, a ground of oil and white pigment is commonly used, and on boards or panels, gesso (chalk and glue) is applied. Source: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques"<br><br>Coating material, usually white, applied to a support to make it ready for painting.<br><br>Coating used to prepare canvas or panel for painting. One of the layers of a painting.<br><br>A surface to which paint is applied, or the material used to create that surface. A painting&#39;s ground is usually specially prepared on its support. Traditionally, for oil paint on canvas use a ground of oil and white pigment, and on wood surfaces either an oil ground or gesso.a digram of a ground with various materials applied to itWithin a picture, ground may refer to a surrounding or background area. Also, in etching, it&#39;s an acid-resistent compound through which a design is drawn.Other sites concerned with grounds: "Chalkboard" on color theory, painting materials and techniques. Here is information on stretching canvas and preparing grounds, along with brushes, palette knives, palettes, drawing, colors, types of paint and how to control them.