Greenwood cemetery collection


A collection, its focus is representative art by each of the 220 artists buried in the Greenwood Cemetery of Brooklyn, which dates back to the 1830s. Among the prominent deceased New York 'inhabitants' are William Merritt Chase, Louis Tiffany, John La Farge and Philip Evergood. Beginning in 2004, Richard Moylan, Cemetery President, has led the budget-supported acquisition project whose artworks are housed at the Cemetery. Although some dollar amounts, such as those of Jean-Michel Basquiat, are beyond the collection price range, others, including an early portrait by Eastman Johnson, have been affordable. Special collection pieces are the George Catlin portrait of New York Governor De Witt Clinton, and the life-size bronze bear that sits astride the grave monument of William Holbrook Beard. The Greenwood Cemetery Collection project is adding up to Brooklyn's most monumental art collection. Literally." Source: Glenn Collins, 'Green-Wood Cemetery Builds a Collection', "New York Times", 12,7/2008, p. 37 (LPD)