Grand central art galleries


Formed in 1923 by artists led by Edmund Greacen and managed by art dealer Erwin Barrie, it had sprawling showrooms on the top floor over Grand Central Station, and at first was one of the "strongest citadels of conservatism" relative to art style. The Galleries began as an entity of non-profit cooperatives for artists, where they could exhibit their work and also store it for ongoing exhibitions. Businessmen provided the capital; artists paid their dues with artwork; and later traveling exhibitions were organized by members. However, in 1934, art dealer Edith Halpert staged a show there called "33 Moderns", described in "Time" magazine as "the biggest event in the campaign to modernize U.S. art since the Armory Show of 1913." Artist members included Lamar Dodd, Burt Procter, Henry Hensche, Frederick Frieseke, James Earle Fraser, John Singer Sargent and Guy Wiggins. Sources: Lindsay Pollock, "A Girl With a Gallery", p. 174; AskART database