A drawing or an inscription made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public, and also called "Spraycan art" and "Subway art" at its height in the 1980s. Although it is sometimes mistaken for (or actually is) vandalism ? a defacing of public or private property ? and illegal; it may also be regarded as a form of art. Among the most highly respected of artists whose work emerged from graffiti are Keith Haring (American, 1958-1990) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, 1960-1988).The medium graffiti painters often employ because of their portability and built-in applicators are aerosol cans of paint. Graffiti painters have coined a number of their own terms. Their works are often called "tags" probably because they so often produce images of their names, also known as tags. Their painting is called "tagging." Tags that are small and simple are "bombs." Common sites are walls, roofs, train cars, and other vehicles. These surfaces are sometimes described as painted on "panels."(pr. grə-FEE-TEE)Examples:Keith Haring (American, 1958-1990), Crawling Baby on Dumpster, 1982. There's more on the dumpster's contents. Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, 1960-1988). King157, This is Real Graffiti, c. 1999, San Jose, California. Bysk and Topek, tag on a billboard for Shea Homes, c. 2000, Phoenix, AZ. Related resources: Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall is an international archive of graffiti art images, including research, articles, interviews with artists, bibliography, videography, and other materials of interest to scholars and art lovers. Online since September 1994. Graffiti Arts displays graffiti walls and video comments on graffiti from celebrities. Urban Damage is about graffiti and clothing from Kelzo in Manchester, England. Gallery of Manchester graffiti artists. Made U Look Crew promotes all elements of hip-hop culture including graffiti, breakdancing, mc'ing and dj'ing. [email protected], Japan has word definitions, a favorite artist list, images, and links [in both Japanese and English]. Gritz Gallery of graffiti at unidentified locations. is an English and Norwegian site about the graffiti scene in Norway, featuring news archives, image galleries, interviews, and links to local and international graffiti sites. Also see bad art, destruction, letterform, and popular culture.