A symbolic figure that is usually engraved or incised, as in the Olmec and Mayan art of Pre-Columbian Mexico. One example is a Tablet which has an incised glyphic inscription, Mexico: state of Guerrero, Ahuelican, Highland Olmec, Middle Formative period, 900-500 BCE, greenstone, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 3/4 inches, Dallas Museum of Art.(pr. glif)Examples: Some Mayan glyphs:akot, meaning to dancexaman, meaning northnohol, meaning southkah, meaning townha', meaning wateryax, meaning green, blueA glyph may also be a symbol that imparts simplified graphic information, such as a stylized figure on signage. In architecture, a glyph is a vertical groove, especially in a Doric column or frieze. Also see cuneiform, dingbat, engraving, fluting, font, glyph, heraldry, hieroglyph, icon, ideogram, lettering, logo, petroglyph, pictograph, text, triglyph, and typography.