Glasgow boys


A collective of painters in Scotland, members interpreted and expanded Impressionist and Post-impressionist painting by using recognizable scenes of Glasgow, and producing true-to-nature paintings. Their naturalistic, plein-air paintings were innovative, new to this time period. Also strong influences were Japanese prints, French Realism and painting by Jules Bastien-Lepage and James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Glasgow Boys included Joseph Crawhall, Thomas Millie Dow, Sir James Guthrie, George Henry, E. A. Hornel, and E. A. Walton. David Gauld, William Kennedy, Sir John Lavery, Stuart Park, William Wells, Sir D. Y. Cameron, Alexander Roche, Arthur Melville, Thomas Corsan Morton, James McLachlan Nairn, Sir George Pirie and J. Quinton Pringle. James Paterson and William York Macgregor were leading figures in the group, which used to meet at Macgregor's studio. Source: Wikipedia,