Galvanizing is a process by which steel is coated with zinc to prevent rusting. Painting on galvanized steel requires a special primer.Examples of art in which galvanized steel was used: H.C. Westermann (American, 1922-1981), Billy Penn, 1976, pine, galvanized steel sheet metal, bronze, and metallic paint, 79 1/4 x 42 1/2 x 29 5/8 inches (201.3 x 108 x 75.2 cm), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.Richard Deacon (English, 1949-), If The Shoe Fits, 1981, galvanized steel sheet metal, 160.0 x 325.0 x 184.0 cm, Tate Gallery, London. See Post-Minimalism and sculpture.Also see nail.