Fusion des arts


A Montreal group of artists who worked on collaborative projects between 1964 and 1969, its members included printmaker Richard Lacroix, painter Henry Saxe, sculptor Francois Soucy, architect Francois Rousseau and designer Yves Robillard. Their main objective was to establish a new relationship between the arts and the public for the purposes of creating and distributing art. They perceived the traditional visual art categories such as painting and sculpture to be restricting and isolating, their goal was common art language. The resulting works combined new materials and technology and experimented with sensory awareness through touch, sound, vision and movement. They frequently exhibited these happenings and performances outside of a traditional art gallery setting. Sources: The Canadian Encyclopedia (online); ???D??clics, art et soci??t??: le Qu??bec des ann??es 1960 et 1970??? (1999), by Rose Marie Arbour; and ???Art and Architecture in Canada??? (1991), by Loren R. Lerner and Mary F. Williamson. Prepared and contributed by M.D. Silverbrooke.