A method developed by surrealist painter Wolfgang Paalen in which impressions are made on a piece of paper or canvas by flames or smoke from a lamp or candle. Source: Daniel C. Boyer, Artist<br><br>A method of making an image with smoke fumes. Fumage was invented by Wolfgang Paalen, whose first fumages were made with a kerosene lamp. When surrealist painter Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1988), made a fumage, he called the method sfumato; and some have spelled this term "sfumage". Very few artists have worked in fumage. (fyoo-MAHZH)Example: Burhan Dogancay (1929-), A Wall in Sofia, 1993, fumage, collage, and painting, 57.5 x 57.5 inches.Also see aleatory and aleatoric, collage, coulage, femmage, funk art, montage, parsemage, and photomontage.

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