Fugitive colors


Pigment or dye colors that fade when exposed to light.<br><br>The pigments in the "fugitive" class of paints have the unfortunate characteristic of looking beautiful and unique when first painted but show bad side-effects over time. Side effects include fading to non-existence, changing color, darkening to black, and other fun stuff. Unless you&#39;re planning on hermetically sealing your paintings and viewing them in a low-UV climate controlled room, skip them. Use lightfast ratings I & II when possible. ? Go to Pigments section.<br><br>Short-lived pigments and dye ? capable of fading or changing, especially with exposure to light, to atmospheric pollution, or when mixed with certain substances; in each case the result of a chemical change. Examples are the colors in magazine photographs and inexpensive construction papers, especially the yellows, and then reds. While student works are generally forgiven the use of such inexpensive poor-quality pigments, professional artists&#39; works are expected to be made with permanent pigments.(pr. FYOO-j&#601;-t&#601;v K&#601;-l&#601;rz)