The design and arrangement of windows in architecture. Architects sometimes refer to the windows of a building as the glazing.(pr. fə-nə-STRAY-shən)Examples: Combining a triangle with a rectangle, this window is part of the Renaissance palace designed by Andrea Palladio (Italian, 1508-1580). The Villa Rotonda (Villa Capra), begun in 1567, near Vicenza, Italy. See Palladian.Internet resources concerned with fenestration: "Chalkboard" on drawing skills. When drawing a row of windows in perspective, the technique required for doing so is explained here. You'll find excellent graphics and text on the page: Calculating Diminishing Size in Linear Perspective. Chalkboard comes from the College of Art at Southern Arkansas University. By the way, "defenestration" is jumping out of windows.Also see glass, lattice, lunette, oculus, openwork, rectangle, and square.