The ability to judge the value of material (work of art, statement, writing, music, etc.) for a given purpose. Evaluation represents the sixth level of learning outcomes in the cognitive domain ? the level of understanding just beyond analysis and synthesis. Intelligent judgments must be based upon definite criteria. These may be internal (organization) or external criteria (relevant to the purpose) and the student may determine the criteria or be given them. Objectives of lessons which will increase a student's ability to evaluate can be stated with such behavioral terms as: accept, adjudge, appraise, arbitrate, assay, assess, award, classify, conclude, criticize, critique, decide, decree, describe, determine, discriminate, estimate, evaluate, explain, grade, interpret, judge, justify, measure, predict, prioritize, rank, rate, referee, reject, rule on, select, settle, summarize, support, umpire, and weigh. Some have proposed that there is one higher thinking skill: meta-cognition.Also see achievement, assessment, Bloom's Taxonomy, description, effort, and interesting.

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