E.p. taylor research library


Located at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, it began informally in 1906, and was actualized in 1933 through the stimulus of a grant and donation of 200 books from the Carnegie Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Its collection now includes over 165,000 volumes for general art information and in-depth research in the history of art; over 50,000 sales and auction catalogues; over 40,000 documentation files on Canadian art and artists; and rare books from the 16th to the 21st centuries; as well as photographs, multimedia, digital and microform collections. The Library is a leading Canadian study centre for advanced research in art history. It is open to the visiting public, and the museum and academic communities at large. Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke; Source: E.P. Taylor Research Library & Archives ??? http://www.ago.net/research-library-archives-overview.