Ecole des beaux-arts montreal


The Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Montr??al (Montreal School of Fine Arts) was founded in 1922. Edmond Dyonnet, Alfred Lalibert?? and Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote were instrumental in persuading the Quebec Provincial Government to create the school. Charles Maillard was its first director, serving from 1923 to 1944. It offered courses in architecture and fine arts to train painters, sculptors, decorators and designers for trade and industry, as well as teachers for arts education. In 1969, it was among several schools that were merged to form the University of Quebec at Montreal. The Ecole des Beaux-Arts alumni include some of Canada???s greatest artists such as Goodridge Roberts, Jean Paul Riopelle, Marian Scott, Guido Molinari, Stanley Cosgrove, Paul Emile Borduas, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Jean Paul Lemieux, Fernand Leduc and Rita Letendre. Sources: The University of Quebec at Montreal and ???Painting in Canada: a history??? (1966), by J. Russell Harper. Contributed by M.D. Silverbrooke.