An Italian word for the Thirteenth Century, especially for Italian art of that period. Source: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques"<br><br>Italian, literally "two hundred," it refers to the 1200s ? the thirteenth century, especially in Italian art.(pr. doo-ay-CHAYN-toh)Italian Terms for the Centuries Italian term Numerically English termduecento 1200s thirteenth centurytrecento 1300s fourteenth centuryquattrocento 1400s fifteenth centurycinquecento 1500s sixteenth centuryseicento 1600s seventeenth centurysettecento 1700s eighteenth centuryottocento 1800s nineteenth centurynovecento 1900s twentieth centurydiecicento 2000s twenty-first century