Duco or duco


A trademark of DuPont (E. I. du Pont de Nemours Company) for a number of products, including paints and adhesives. Artists including David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican, 1896-1974) have used an industrial paint product called Duco, also known as pyroxilin. In 1924, DuPont introduced Duco ? also described as a fast-drying nitrocellulose lacquer ? DuPont calls it "the first sprayable automobile body topcoat." Before DuPont introduced Duco, "it used to take weeks to paint a car by brush." [Ed. note: Duco may also refer to other DuPont products, including the adhesive trademarked as Duco Cement. Do you know about Duco? Send info.](pr. DOO-koh)An example: David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexican, 1896-1974), La Colina de los Muertos, 1944, Duco on board, 37 1/4 x 27 inches (94.6 x 68.5 cm), Santa Barbara, CA. Siqueiros first employed this paint medium in 1933. See Mexican art.