Dry transfer graphics


A medium primarily for graphic designers, dry transfer graphics are manufactured graphic elements a designer can transfer ? remove ? from a transparent backing sheet, and reattach to a paper or other smooth surface by pressing and rubbing them, either wholly or in pieces ? thus earning the nickname "rub-downs." Dry transfer graphics offer a complete system, providing a way to produce high quality artwork in minutes. The kinds of dry transfer graphics available include lettering, lines, colors, shades, textures, patterns, symbols, and signs. These sheets can be purchased from local art supply dealers, and online. Letraset, one of the major manufacturers of dry transfer graphics, offers them online. Letraset currently offers about twenty stock typefaces and a custom service for three-dimensional work, mockups, etc., along with drawing and charting tapes, adhesive backed vinyl lettering, and other products. This technology was much more commonly used in the twenty years before the arrival of computer graphics, but these design tools can still provide creative solutions to graphic designers.Also see font, graphic design, logo, lorem ipsum, and pasteup.