Disegno is an Italian word meaning &#39;design&#39; or &#39;drawing&#39;. Disegno in its deepest sense means both of theses words, or as another way of explaining it, it encompasses both the intellectual ability to design a drawing as well as execute the drawing itself. It designates the ability to invent, design, create, and paint and thereby bring a mere craft to the status of &acirc;&#128;&#156;art&acirc;&#128;&#157;. In Italian art the term has been applied to all the visual arts as well as to the specific elements that the word denotes.<br><br>In the 16th century a dispute took place between the famous painters Michelangelo and Titian as to whether disegno or it&acirc;&#128;&#153;s opposing concept &acirc;&#128;&#156;colorito&acirc;&#128;&#157; were superior. Colorito is a 16th-century painting style in which color is given more emphasis for expression and thereby giving color itself a unique meaning to the artwork. Michelangelo believed the Florentine style of disegno was superior whereas Titian believed the expressive quality of the Venetian style of colorito prevailed.<br>

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