An individual, minute, or subordinate part of a whole. A distinctive feature of an object or scene which can be seen most clearly close up. Also, a small part of a work of art, enlarged to show a close-up of its features. It can also refer to finely or carefully designed, crafted, or finished portions (passages) of any composition, as when one pays "attention to the details" ? even the little things.To detail is to add or modify details.(pr. noun: DEE-tayl, verb: də-TAYL)Examples: Jan van Eyck (Flemish, 1395-1441), The Ghent altarpiece, 1432, oil on panels (triptych altarpiece), 4 feet 9 1/2 inches x 6 feet 9 inches, Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent, Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent. see thumbnail to rightDetails: Adam from left wing, Eve from right. Detail of lower central panel: Worshippers.Quote: "God is in the details." Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), American modernist architect, who was born and long worked in Germany. Also see definition, dominance, emphasis, limitation, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, sketch, telephoto, and zoom.

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