The time or date by which something must be accomplished. For an artist, typical examples are: the hour by which works must be delivered to a patron or employer, or an application must be submitted to an exhibition committee. Agreeing to meet a deadline is usually considered a serious promise. Depending upon the objective, failure to meet a deadline can result in a lowered grade, exclusion from a competition or other opportunity, or even in a damaged reputation or loss of income. Chronic failure to meet deadlines can devastate a career.Here is a great resource: The Art Deadlines List is a monthly newsletter (email & paper versions) providing information about juried exhibitions/competitions, call for entries/proposals/papers, jobs, internships, writing & photo contests, scholarships, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, fellowships, casting calls, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities (including some that take place on the web) for artists, art educators and art students of all ages. Also see graphic design.