Cream of wheat illustrators


Illustrators for a breakfast "porridge" created in the late 19th century from a flour mill in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the company subsequently moved to Minneapolis. Cream of Wheat became a national sensation because of the high quality of the flour and the national ad campaign that involved 58 of the most famous American artists of the Golden Age of Illustration. The first ads, utilizing the newly introduced four-color printing process, appeared in the "Ladies Home Journal" in 1898. Logo for Cream of Wheat was Rastus, an affable black man in red, white and blue attire offering forth a bowl of cereal. Among the illustrators were N.C. Wyeth, Edward Brewer, Helen Mason, Maud Fangel, William Cahill, James Reeve Stuart, B. Cory Kilvert, Al Capp, and John Rae. Source:;