Commonly used as a general term for wax-based drawing sticks used by children, but technically any drawing material in stick form can be classified as a crayon including pastels, charcoal and chalk. Source: Kimberley Reynolds and Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms"<br><br>Traditionally, any drawing material made in stick form, including chalk, pastel, cont? crayons, charcoal, lithographic and other grease crayons, as well as wax of crayons To children, the term invariably refers to these last sticks of color made of paraffin, and marketed under various trade names, available in several sizes and shapes, either water-soluble or not, usually in a paper wrapper.(pr. KRAY-ahn or KRA-&#601;n)A related link: The articles on crayons and other dry media in Drawing Materials and Drawing Techniques, a Guide and Glossary by Michael Miller.