Cragsmoor art colony


Established in the 1870s at Cragsmoor, New York, the colony was founded by artists wishing to escape New York City for the quiet rural setting and beauty of the nearby Shawangunk Mountains. Although most of the members were not primarily landscapists, they did paint the local surroundings and found the local people unique subjects. As a group, the artists tended to stay together and had a rich communal life. Edward Lamson Henry was the first recognized painter in Cragsmoor, arriving in 1872. He invited other artists who accepted his invitation including Frederick Dellenbaugh, Eliza Greatorex, William Holbrook Beard, and John George Brown. Although Henry was the aesthetic leader, the financial support was supplied by Eliza Hartshorn who bought land and buildings and hired Dellenbaugh as her architect. The Colony continued into the 20th century with Charles Courtney Curran being the most renowned of the second generation. Sources:; Steve Shipp, "American Art Colonies, 1850-1930", Chapter 4.