Contour lines


Lines that surround and define the edges of a subject, giving it shape and volume. These should not be confused with a form's outlines.Strong contour lines can be found in these examples: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, 1864-1901), Madame Thad?e Natanson (Misia Godebska, 1872-1950) at the Theater, 1895, gouache on cardboard, 24 1/2 x 29 1/2 inches (62.2 x 74.9 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. See Post-Impressionism. Paul Klee (Swiss, born Germany, 1879-1940), Or The Mocker Mocked (Oder der verspottete Sp?tter), 1930, oil on canvas, 17 x 20 5/8 inches (43.2 x 52.4 cm), Museum of Modern Art, NY. Also see Bauhaus and Swiss art.About contour lines: "Drawing should give the eye in the shape of a demonstration the intention and invention first conceived by its image. Line has not matter in it or any other substance, but since it is thus conditioned, it takes up no room. Contour is a surface which is neither of the body nor a part of the atmosphere, but a medium interposed between the atmosphere and the body." Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian artist, designer, etc., etc. Also see contour, outline drawing, and wireframe.