Any painted assemblage that is neither simply painting or sculpture, but rather a hybrid or interdisciplinary painting-sculpture. The term "combine" was coined by Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-).(pr. KAHM-bi:n)Examples:Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-), Bed, 1955, combine painting: oil and pencil on pillow, quilt, and sheet on wood supports, 6 feet 3 1/4 inches x 31 1/2 inches x 8 inches (191.1 x 80 x 20.3 cm), Museum of Modern Art, NY. See textile. Jasper Johns (American, 1930-), Target with Four Faces, 1955, assemblage: encaustic and collage on canvas with objects, 26 x 26 inches.Also see Pop Art, signature, and specific objects.