Collagraph intaglio print


A print or reproduction, it is made from a block composed of a variety of materials layered on top of each other, becoming a collage. This printmaking method is innovative because standard blocks are made from only one material such as wood in woodblocks and stone for lithographs. Mary Beth Rust of Principle Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia described the Collagraph technique of painter and printmaker Treacy Ziegler: "Treacy first lays a black ink block on the paper. She then uses layers of oil, which are hand pulled through her printing press to create positive space. Each Collagraph is composed of the black ink, then up to about seven layers of color. Since they are hand pulled, each comes out differently, making them all original works. Another artist known for collagraphs is Clare Romano, who with her husband John Ross has written a book, "The Complete Collagraph." Sources: Mary Beth Rust; Kimberley Reynolds and Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms"; American Design Ltd.