Cliff dwellers


A men's club organized in Chicago in 1907, it was composed of resident and non-resident elected fine arts professionals, and originally named the Attic Club, was re-named Cliff Dwellers in 1909 from a reference used by Hamlin Garland in an opening ceremony. The Club???s goal was uniting forces to strengthen fine arts in Chicago. Organizing members included William Dean Howells, John T. Mc Cutcheon, Lorado Taft and Wallace Rice. Hamlin Garland was the moving spirit and served as first president. The meeting building, completed in 1908, was atop Orchestra Hall, and in 1996 was moved to the 22nd floor penthouse of Michigan Avenue and Adams Street. Membership is now opened to women. Sources: Google Books, "The Cliff Dwellers", published by R.F. Seymour Company, 1910;