Cincinnati art club


Established in 1890 by artists and supporters of fine art, the goal was to promote fellowship and share knowledge about making and appreciating art. Early meetings were held in homes with artist members bringing, for critique, painting and drawing subjects they had been assigned at the previous meeting. Artist Frank Duveneck was one of the key supporters, beginning 1896, and his Sunday life demonstrations were especially popular. After his death, the Memorial Day tradition began of Club members making a pilgrimage to his grave. Other prominent early artist members were Henry Farny, Edward Potthast and Joseph Sharp. Expanded activities were theatricals, dinners and costume parties, although these activities were later set aside for more serious art pursuits. In 1924, the Club was moved into its own building at 527 East Third Street in downtown Cincinnati. Source: Carol Cyran, Cincinnati Art Club exhibition catalogue, "Herman and Bessie Wessel"