Centre for contemporary canadian art - ccca


With the acronym of CCCA, it is a work in progress with the overall objective of broadening public awareness of contemporary Canadian Art in Canada. It is under the auspices of the Canadian Art Database Project to document the careers of some of Canada's leading professional artists, designers, art writers and curators, as well as some important Canadian art institutions and organizations that have helped shape the Canadian art scene since the 1960s. The CCCA is also taking on additional projects containing information that informs and lays the groundwork for the core project. A wide range of previously hard to access material [images, texts, media works, and related ephemera] from a variety of sources across Canada is being assembled into the fully searchable, bilingual, database. The Canadian Art Database Project currently holds 54,000+ images and 600+ video and audio clips by 600+ artists and designers; and 2,400+ texts by 200+ writers and curators." Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke, Art Historian, West Vancouver, Canada. Source: Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art; http://ccca.finearts.yorku.ca/start.html?languagePref=en&.