Center for arts and culture


The Center for Arts and Culture is an independent American think tank which aims to inform and improve policy decisions that affect cultural life. The guiding principles of that mission include freedom of imagination, inquiry and expression, as well as freedom of opportunity for all to participate in a vital and diverse culture.Founded in 1994 in Washington, DC, the Center is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization, supported by foundations and individuals, governed by a board of directors, and advised by a Research Advisory Council. It is affiliated with George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia. The Center commissions research, holds public roundtables, and publishes new voices and perspectives on the arts and culture.The Center's website provides discussion of current issues in cultural policy ? policies concerning cultural law, globalization, access, preservation, community, investment, and education ? some bibliographic resources, and contact information for related professionals and organizations. Its Cultural Commons listserv is well known among academics and policy analysts, particularly those working on cultural diplomacy, creative economy, and intellectual property. The website also maintains updates on judicial and legislative action on the federal level.Also see artists' organizations, and First Amendment rights.