Catalogue raisonn


A monograph purporting to contain a complete list of an artist's works, or all of an artist's works produced in certain media or during a limited period of time. It typically includesdescriptions, photographs, notes on provenance, collections, samples of signatures, a thorough chronology of notable events in the artist's life, and a bibliography. When one is passionate about an artist's work, one relishes seeing the complete works, along with authoritative writings about the artist and the works. This makes the study of the artist's catalogue raisonn? of utmost importance. Although "catalogue raisonn?" was originally a French term, English speakers have used it for a long time.(pr. RAY-zə-NAY)Examples: Maria Jawlensky, Lucia Pieroni-Jawlensky, and Angelica Jawlensky, authors, Alexej von Jawlensky