Canadian women artists history initiative


A collaborative endeavor, it brings resources and researchers together to enhance scholarship on historical women artists in Canada. Based in the Department of History at Concordia University in Montreal, they foster and circulate research into women's contributions to the cultural and material history of Canada. Their focus is on the period prior to 1967. They also maintain a documentation centre and web-based research tools. They welcome participation from scholars across the country and donations of research materials. Their three areas of concern are: (1) Activities - research programming; events; conferences; workshops; teaching; publications. (2) Artist Database - Databases and tools for researchers. (3) Documentation Centre - They have files on over 750 Canadian women artists born before 1925 (1965 for architecture) and working across a broad range of media including painting and drawing, craft, photography, sculpture, illustration, design and architecture. Source:; Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke