Buffalo print club


Formed in 1931 in Buffalo, New York, the Club began under the leadership of Kevin B. O'Callahan, who served as President from 1931 to 1952. It brought together many of Buffalo's finest print makers to share equipment, ideas and expertise. They set up presses and work tables in the basement of the Albright Art Gallery and met evenings twice a week. Although the Club is largely forgotten today, having begun to dwindle in membership in the late 1940s, "its advocacy of printmaking stimulated national recognition through exhibitions and the placement of prints in public and private collections" including prestigious additions to the Library of Congress. Artist members included Niels Yde Andersen, Ruth Percival and John Stewart. Later print collectors became a part of the membership. Source: Meibohm Fine Arts, http://www.meibohmfinearts.com/artists.aspx?ID=34