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Flourishing in Colorado Springs from 1919 to 1935 in a structure at the foot of Pikes Peak, the Broadmoor Academy with its traditional approaches to creating art, was an important cultural center in the Rocky Mountain West. Its successor from 1935 to 1945 was the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. At the time of the Broadmoor Academy???s beginning, wealthy Colorado Springs residents Julie and Spencer Penrose, who founded the Broadmoor Hotel, donated their home at 30 West Dale Street to fulfill their dream to have an art school that emphasized realism and easel painting and also serve as a center for the performing arts. John Fabian Carlson and Robert Reid were the first teachers. Other prominent teachers were Birger Sandzen, Randall Davey, Ernest Lawson, and Lloyd Moylan. In 1926, the Academy became affiliated with Colorado College, and four years later Boardman Robinson was hired as instructor, later becoming Director. In 1934, the Penrose residence was torn down, and replaced by the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, which opened in 1935 as the successor institution to the Broadmoor Academy. That year, Robinson resigned due to ill health, and shortly after the school declined. Major factors were the removal of Robinson, who had been the primary guiding force, and the advent of abstraction with its disdain of realism, especially landscape painting. Sources: John and Deborah Powers, "Texas Painters, Sculptors and Graphic Artists"; ???Pike???s Peak Vision: The Broadmoor Art Academy???;