A process for stimulating the creative production of ideas. Although it is often used by small and large groups of people, the brainstorming process can serve just one or two people too. How to implement the brainstorming process in a small group: List and explain these four rules before starting: 1 No judging of ideas until after brainstorming ends. No participant or observer of the process is permitted to criticize any of the ideas generated until a later time. 2 WiLd ideas are welcome. Even the craziest, most peculiar notions are great to consider out loud. 3 A huge number of ideas are welcome. No limit to the number of ideas we'll consider is a good limit. We'll note even the least idea anyone comes up with. 4 Participants are welcome to build on or modify any idea that's been offered. Examples: Hunger, illness, and financial worries. Or, an educator, gallery, client, or grant-provider whose rigidity or negativity is obstructive. Check to be sure everyone is clear and comfortable with the rules. Designate one participant to be in charge of writing down every idea, the less editing of them the better. It is best when all participants can see the list at all times. When the number of ideas being added has slowed significantly, the process can end. The ending of brainstorming must be announced before the editing of the list of ideas should begin. Editing might begin then or be put off till later. Ideas for brainstorming exercises: 1 Uses for a brick 2 Uses for a broom 3 Uses for a trash barrel 4 What could be done to get better food in the cafeteria 5 How to increase support for a candidate -- with or without a name; but if named, someone all support. Quote: "The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." Linus Pauling (1901-), American chemist and winner of two Nobel Prizes.Also see art criticism, attitude, blocks to creativity, charette, choose, critique, culture, custom, derivative, different, effort, genius, imagination, incongruity, inspiration, interesting, motivation, muses, new, nuance, order, originality, text, and visualize.brainstorming